DNA Isolation Workshop

DNA isolation workshop

On September 30, students participating in the Erasmus + program took part in workshops organized by BioCen – Biocentre of Scientific Education. Our classroom turned into a 2-hour laboratory on Thursday morning.

The aim of the first experiment was to practice the method of isolating DNA from our own cells, which each participant took from the oral cavity. We used techniques commonly used in scientific research.
The lecturers also explained what the methods are based on and recalled the structure and functions of DNA, what is genetic variation, and its application in forensics, research, and medical diagnostics.

In the second part of the course, we have individually planned an experiment answering the question: What products are released during yeast respiration?
We provided the experiment and, of course, we have not forgotten to establish well what the control tests should look like. At least some of the participants were awakened by the desire to experiment, and certainly, everyone was familiar with the correct design of experiments in the scientific method.