Key methodologies

Key methodologies and work methods

Key methodologies and work methods in the project are the following:

  • The schools must be involved as organisations, not as individual teachers
  • The eco-systems should be built in interplay with the student missions to create authentic knowledge resources, based on practical experience
  • Basic community science collaboration resources must be available to the students, as recommended by the EU Commission, and this will happen through the project’s long and student led open science schooling practice
  • The project defines “community” in the broadest sense of the word: local community, region, but also scientific community or virtual community
  • Student missions must address different kinds of communities in different phases of the project to engage the students in different parts of the world of science
  • The eco-systems of open science schooling must be driven by the schools in their new role as “agents of change” in the community (OECD)