Knowledge Partners

Knowledge Partners lead and support the creation of knowledge elements from the project practice to feed into the final outcomes and provide practical guidance to the practice partners in the kick-off phase and through the project. They support student teams’ documentation of experience and lead the planning and production of intellectual outputs, projects sustainability & exploitation activities and creation of website and newsletters in close collaboration with the students’ co-creation teams. Knowledge Partners also provide internal communication platform (BaseCamp) with relevant and valuable inspiration material for the practice partners in kick-off phase, and along the project lifetime.

Practice Partners

Practice Partners are responsible for the local implementation of the project. They link the practical implementation of the project to the project level. Practice Partners ensure and support the establishment of full involvement of the students’ co-creation teams and accompanying teacher teams; constantly briefing teachers, students and local collaborators along the project. They ensure sufficient readiness among the local project players in kick-off phase and help student teams work with the local community during the project. Practice Partners ensure full representation of teacher and student teams at partners meetings, while supporting creation of local documentation and student teams’ organisation of the local multipliers.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance partner Working with Europe performs quality assurance of the submitted application and takes responsibility of project’s quality program, in particular through focusing on the quality of the students’ co-creation, the quality of the science missions among the quality and usability of the project’s results. Working with Europe monitors the smooth management of project and the full involvement of all partners and helps to solve any possible conflicts between partners. Contribution to the creation of the project’s Intellectual Output and project’s exploitation mission (the Knowledge Alliance) as well as supporting the collaboration with the complementary Erasmus+ projects are also parts of the quality assurance partner’s commissions. Lastly, Working with Europe provides interventions at project milestones (at least 10 interventions foreseen).